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Corn is known to be one of the world’s most popular cereal grains. It is actually the seed of a plant in the grass family. Corn exporter in India export tonnes of corn every year. Popcorn and sweet corn are some of the popular varieties of corn. Corn can be used in salads, vegetables, curries, and so on. Corn export from India has been one of the rapidly growing exports. The Indian corn exporter thus earns great revenues from these exports. Corn export from India comprises of various forms and varieties of export.


Nutrients 177 Calories
Carbohydrates - 41 grams
Fiber - 4.6 grams
Minerals Magnesium
Pantothenic Acid
Vitamin Vitamin B6
Vitamin E
Protein 5.4g
Fats 2.1gm


This variety of oats was released in 1980 and is characterized by medium maturity, profuse tillering and is known to be resistant to lodging. The Palanpur-1 variety of oats has been notified for cultivation in Himachal Pradesh. This variety of oats exported produces around 50 t/ha green fodder.


This variety of oats has been developed from a cross between IGO-4268 × Indio-6-5-1 following intervarietal hybridization and pedigree method of selection. Released in 1989, the variety has erect growth habit and glabrous nodes. It takes around 95–100 days for flowering Bundel Jai-822 and matures in about 125–130 days.


Sabzaar was released in 1997 and was developed by SKUA&T in Srinagar. This variety has been notified for cultivation in temperate areas of Kashmir and high altitude regions of Jammu.SKO-7 variety is profuse tillering, leafy and suitable for dual purpose. It produces around 35–40 t/ha of green fodder.


The variety of Harita was released in 2007 and was notified for Maharashtra. This variety of Oats is a multicut variety developed by selection from a base population of Kent by MPKV, Rahuri and is suitable for winter season under irrigated condition. The average yield of Harita is around 50 t/ha for green forage and about 9.5 t/ha for dry matter.


This variety of oats was released in 1990 for cultivation in the north and central India under the multi-cut system. The UPO-212 variety has a light green stem with 8–10 tillers, thin and variable awns. The average green fodder yield of this variety is around 60 t/ha.


The OL-125 variety of oats was developed by intervarietal hybridization using Appler and IPC-163 followed by pedigree breeding and selection. The variety was released in 1995 for cultivation in the north-west and central zone of the country. This variety is suitable for single cut/multi-cut and yields 58 t/ha green fodder.

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