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Mango is one of the most famous fruits of India. It is known as “King of fruits”. The production of mangoes in India is around 15.03 million tons, contributing to 40.48% of the total world production of mango. Mango export from India has been increased by Rs. 209 crores in 2010-2011 from Rs 142 crores in 2006-200707. The indian mango export has thus grown by 47%. Export of mango from India is now a good opportunity for growth in the international market.


Nutrients Calories - 99
Dietary Fiber - 2.6 gm
Carbs - 24.7 gm
Minerals Folate
Iron and a little Calcium
Zinc and Vitamin E
Vitamin Vitamin A and C
Protein 1.4 gm
Fats 0.6 gm


Mango exporter in India exports many varieties of mangoes abroad. The major 5 countries which so mango import from India are UAE, Bangladesh, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal. Here are some of the most famous varieties of mangoes


Alphonso is one of the most popular varieties of mangoes worldwide. It is a seasonal fruit available from around mid-April to the end of June. These mangoes have a rich and creamy texture. The pulp is juicy and non-fibrous. A fully ripe Alphonso mango has a bright golden-yellow skin with a tinge of red. The flesh of the fruit is generally saffron-colored.


The Kesar mango variety of mangoes also called ‘Gir Kesar’ is a mango cultivar grown in the foothills of Girnar in Gujarat. This variety of mangoes is known for its bright orange colored pulp. This variety of mango is generally sold to the market in April. The cultivation of this variety begins around October after the monsoon season.


This variety of mangoes is one of the best varieties of mangoes in Indi. Oval in shape Pairi mangoes generally weighs between 250 to 450 grams. The flesh of this variety is yellowish-orange in orange. The fruits are firm, juicy, fiberless and sweet in taste. It has a pronounced scent and excellent in quality.


Totapuri Mango variety is generally found in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This variety of mangoes are usually large in size. Golden yellow in colour, these mangoes are oblong in shape. Totapuri mangoes also have a prominent beak-like pointed end. The skin of these mangoes is generally thick and the colour can vary from green to yellow.


The Neelum variety of Mangoes are especially known for their beautiful shape, unique taste and floral aroma. This variety of mangoes is generally grown in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka And Tamil Nadu. The Neelum mangoes are large in size and oblong in shape with a pointed base.


This variety of mangoes is also known as Banarasi Langra. Langra is a mango cultivar majorly grown in Varanasi, Banaras, and the Northern part India. This cultivar has a characteristic of retaining a greenish tinge while ripening. This variety of mangoes is generally harvested during the last half of July.


Dashehari is one of the most popular varieties of mango in the North of India. It is known for its exquisite taste and a pleasant aroma. It is said that 80% of varieties of mango in North India is covered by 'Dashehari' and can be genetically traced back to this very plant.


Rajapuri is the largest varieties of mangoes found in India. It generally has a similar shape to Kesar but a bit more rounded. The skin of this mango is smooth and yellow, orange and red in colour. The size of the fruit varies from 500g to 1kg. The smaller sizes are said to be sweeter.


Originated in the state of West Bengal, the Himsagar mango is a popular mango cultivar. The pulp inside the mango varies from yellow to orange in colour. This variety of mango does not have any fibre. The mango is medium-sized and usually weighs between 250 and 350 grams.


Chausa' mango, also known as the 'Chaunsa', is a mango cultivar said to have originated from Pakistan. Today, Chausa is cultivated in Pakistan and India. This variety of mangoes is generally golden-yellow in color. It is almost fiberless and has an aromatic, pleasant and sweet flavour.

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